IIS 10.0 Detailed Error - 406.0 - ModSecurity Action

HTTP Error 406.0 - ModSecurity Action

The resource cannot be displayed because the file extension is not being accepted by your browser.

Most likely causes:

  • The request was rejected because it contained an Accept header for a MIME type that is not supported for the requested file extension.

Things you can try:

  • Verify the MIME settings for the file extension that was requested to make sure this MIME type is acceptable.

Detailed Error Information:

Module   ModSecurity IIS (32bits)
Notification   BeginRequest
Handler   ASPClassic
Error Code   0x00000000
Requested URL   http://www.luksus-poolhuse.dk:80/gaestebog/de.asp
Physical Path   d:\web\localuser\luksus-poolhuse.dk\public_html\gaestebog\de.asp
Logon Method   Not yet determined
Logon User   Not yet determined

More Information:

This error occurs when the client requests a file with a certain file extension and then specifies the Accept header with a MIME type that is different from the configuration of this file extension on the server. An example is requesting a file with the .doc extension and specifying an Accept header with text/xml instead of application/msword. Usually the client specifies */* for the Accept header, which allows the request to serve any MIME type.

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